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Jiangsu Weituo Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing plastic welding equipment. The company has introduced advanced technology from abroad. Currently, the linear vibration friction welding machine and infrared vibration friction welding machine are the company's main products. The company integrates research and development, design, and manufacturing of non-standard equipment, automation equipment, fixtures, and other comprehensive technical services, including hot melt welding machines, Hot plate welding machines, multi-station non-standard ultrasonic plastic welding machines. The company has established a complete sales and service system to meet the needs of customers with first-class products and services.

Product Introduction
Working principle of Jiangsu Weituo servo infrared preheating vibration friction welding equipment:
1. The lower mold rises and coincides with the upper mold, and the upper and lower mold are corrected.
2. After the calibration is completed, the lower mold descends and returns to its original position.
3. At this time, the infrared heating module is running, and the lower mold will rise accordingly.
4. The infrared module heats the upper and lower molds.
5. After the heating is completed, the lower mold descends, and the infrared heating module exits.
6. Then the lower mold rises, and the upper mold and the lower mold perform vibration friction welding work.
7. After the vibration friction welding program preset by the system is completed, the lower mold starts to withdraw slowly.
8. After the lower mold is fully restored to its original position, the safety door is completely lowered, the pneumatic fixture is opened,

and the welding process is completed, at this time the welded workpiece can be safely taken out. This vibration friction welding equipment is driven by servo motor, Siemens regulation control system. It is the best choice for welding automotive plastic parts that high cleanliness require, such as automotive taillights, intake manifolds, and air-conditioning ducts. It can reduce welding debris and improve the cleanliness and aesthetics of the welded workpiece
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